Our Services

Services on Sundays

  • We have our main Sunday morning meeting at 10:45am at the chapel on Fore Street.
  • During most of the year we have Sunday evening meetings at 5pm in various homes.
  • During the summer holidays we have Sunday evening meetings at 6pm at the chapel .


What to expect

  • Our Sunday services last for about an hour, and include prayer, singing hymns, reading the bible, and listening to a bible passage being explained.
  • The chapel service is relayed to Zoom for friends who can’t get to the meeting, but the services are not recorded and we do not currently have a live-stream channel.
  • Our singing when at chapel is accompanied by a piano; when in homes we sing unaccompanied.
  • The evening meetings in homes are less formal and often include a time of discussion about a bible passage.
  • On the first and third Sunday mornings we celebrate the Lord’s supper together.


It’s not just about Sundays

During the week we have meetings on Thursday afternoons for bible study and prayer, with occasional outings, and once a month we meet for a time of fellowship and food..

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